Precision Oncology

Precision Oncology

Precision Oncology Is Making Headlines

Headlines like this are becoming common:

FDA approves ‘precision medicine’ drug for different cancers with same mutation

What does it mean? That the most effective cancer treatment isn’t necessarily determined by tumor site – but by biomarkers and mutations found in an array of cancers.

As more cancer drugs are formulated to address the genomic signature of a tumor, oncologists need critical somatic information within their EHR workflow.

But somatic data isn’t enough. Comprehensive genomic information, available to the oncologist within the patient context via 2bPrecise, is transformative.

Trajectory of Care

Consider the trajectory of care Patient Angie could receive if her doctor uses software like 2bPrecise.

  • During an initial visit with her PCP, Angie shares a family history of colon and breast cancer, along with several chronic conditions like coronary artery disease and depression.
  • The PCP orders a genomics test, which reveals Angie has an elevated risk for breast cancer, but none of the variants associated with colon cancer.
  • This information triggers aggressive screening for breast cancer at a younger age – while not submitting Angie to premature colonoscopies.
  • Breast cancer is detected at an early stage. With Angie’s germline and pharmacogenomics data already available, the oncologist orders somatic testing on the tumor.

The breadth of genomic information available enables the oncologist to treat Angie with…

  • Treatments most precisely targeted for her mutation
  • Medications least likely to produce egregious side effects
  • Therapies least likely to interfere with other conditions she might be under treatment for (e.g., CAD)

Clinical Trial Matching with 2bPrecise

The 2bPrecise platform also enables oncologists to match patients with clinical trials. And because data is presented within the patient context, providers can:

  • Access relevant information to facilitate more productive tumor board discussions
  • Identify patients with similar genotypes and phenotypes to understand how they were treated (and to what effect) and if the same approach makes sense for the current patient

Somatic Views

2bPrecise Somatic View provides oncologists, care team and tumor boards with an accessible, structured and normalized view of somatic molecular results including the genomic findings, genes and variant interpretation, and available therapies. Learn how 2bPrecise clients are succeeding with precision oncology.

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