Many Organizations Launch Their Precision Medicine Initiatives With Pharmacogenomics. Why?

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90% Of Patients Have A Genetic Variation Affecting Drug Response1

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18% Of 4 Billion Prescriptions In The US Affected By Actionable Pharmacogenomics2

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34% of adverse drug reactions caused by Drug-Gene interactions (rather than Drug-Drug interactions)3

Reducing Costs Of Care

The impact on safety and quality is unquestionable. And leveraging PGx data at the point of care reduces costs – impacting success with ACOs and other shared savings programs.

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Harmonized PGx Data

How does 2bPrecise help clinicians make better medication decisions? An intuitive dashboard delivers critical information about patients’ ability to metabolize current medications – and triggers alerts about potentially devastating adverse reactions. And once the PGx test has been performed, the data can be re-interrogated and applied to clinical decision making throughout the patients’ lifetime.

Better Decisions, Better Results

Point of Care Results

Test results at the point of care allow providers to discuss current medications with patients in real time.

  • Which do they metabolize appropriately -- making them safer and more likely to be effective?
  • Which do they not metabolize well – rendering them ineffective or even harmful?

Lifetime Consistency

PGx test results remain consistent throughout the patient’s lifetime. A single test, done now, can be used by doctors as they make decisions for years into the future.

  • The patient might develop new conditions where different medications need to be prescribed
  • New medications might become available and providers will be better equipped to decide if they are right for the patient
  • New discoveries about documented genetic variations may be revealed – which could impact treatment decisions

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