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The 2bPrecise platform captures and stores genomic data from a range of sources, harmonizes clinical knowledge and genomic research to identify relevant information, and then pushes the resulting insights to the point of care to enable action.

Key components of the 2bPrecise platform include:

xCGR™ (Cross Clinical Genomic Repository)

The xCGR™ acts as more than just storage for raw and interpreted genomic data. Within our platform is deep knowledge of how to structure, store, harmonize, and extract meaningful insights for providers and researchers from combined clinical and genomic data. With scientific discovery advancing at rapid pace, the xCGR enables providers to better manage their patients long-term by re-interrogating the data for further insights during future clinical encounters.

Broad-based Integration of Knowledge Sources

There is rich and valuable content being created by academic and clinical leaders every day. Integration with external content sources allows our knowledge hub to be robust in its search and analysis capabilities, ensuring clinically validated and current information is being delivered to providers. This enables true precision medicine in the many workflows where the application of genomic information within clinical context may have a significant impact on diagnosis and treatment decisions.

GEM™ Vendor-agnostic Point of Care Solution

Our GEM™ Point of Care solution presents actionable, clinically-translated genomic intelligence directly into the physician’s existing workflow.

Research-ready Platform

The integration of phenotype and genotype as known and available today, combined with the cross clinical genomic data model, provides the framework for closed-loop research-to-care translations, and establishes the foundation for future scientific discovery.

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