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Assaf Halevy is the founder and chief executive officer of 2bPrecise, LLC, leading a team dedicated to inventing new products, services and solutions that target genomics and precision medicine at the point of care and research.

In 2013, he joined Allscripts as senior vice president of products and business development when the company acquired dbMotion. As an initial inventor and co-founder of dbMotion, Halevy helped develop one of the foremost clinical integration and population health management platforms in the industry today.

While at dbMotion, Halevy served in key leadership roles that influenced the company’s rapid growth and success. Those roles included international operations, strategic accounts, products, and innovation. After founding dbMotion, Halevy moved to the US and helped build the US operations of the company. He was instrumental in introducing dbMotion’s semantic interoperability to the US market in 2005, where it quickly became one of the leading health information exchange solutions, adopted by dozens of leading provider organizations across the country. dbMotion was ranked number one interoperability solution in KLAS for several years and won many industry awards.

Halevy has thirteen pending patents in the areas of actionable clinical integration and interoperability as well as in precision medicine. He extends his industry expertise by evaluating strategic alliances and partnerships for US and international markets. His vast practical knowledge and experience in building Health Information Exchange networks in many countries, some of which are at the state level, contributes to his significant influence and support for the healthcare industry. Halevy was invited to participate in several US government activities and contribute in a HHS privacy committee task force. In 2016, he was part of a small selective group of executives invited to the White House by Vice President Joe Biden to discuss the future of interoperability.

Halevy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, with honors, from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Tel Aviv University, as well as a Genomics and Genetics certification from Stanford University.