The Power Of Precision Medicine In The Right Hands

The New Standard of Care

Genomics is fast becoming the new standard of care. Science makes it possible. Consumers demand it. Providers seek better outcomes. With the 2bPrecise™ precision health™ platform, providers deliver therapeutic value faster. While better managing healthcare costs. And improving patient safety and satisfaction. But don’t take our word for it. Learn what scientists and industry experts say about the clinical value of precision medicine.

Bridging The Gap

2bPrecise bridges the final mile between the science of genomics and making that data useful at the point of care.


Integrate meaningful genomic information within the provider’s EHR workflow.


Translate genomic test results into language your clinicians can understand and act upon.


Enable your organization to get started with precision medicine anywhere you want – oncology? pediatrics? cardiology? pharmacogenomics? – and scale across the enterprise.


Futureproof your organizations’ precision medicine strategies with a robust data model that accommodates tomorrow’s discoveries and applications.


Consolidate genomic information as discrete data to apply valuable insights and action.


Apply governance to the test ordering and results process.

Why Precision Is Vital To Improved Health Care

Safety First

Bruce, a 67-year-old with coronary artery disease, is scheduled for hip replacement. Dr. Ling plans to prescribe Plavix to prevent clotting during and after the procedure. A pharmacogenomics test, however, would reveal Bruce is a poor metabolizer of clopidogrel – rendering the drug ineffective and leaving the patient at risk for a cardiac event. 34% of all potential major adverse drug events, according to one study, are in caused by patient genetics rather than drug-drug interactions. Pharmacogenomics means decreased adverse events, safer care, fewer rehospitalizations and a drop in ED visits. (Talk about happy patients and higher quality scores!)

Lifetime of Value

Aisha’s pedigree reveals a long family history of disease – from breast cancer, to depression, to Lynch Syndrome, to high cholesterol. When Aisha was in her late teens, Dr. Edwards ordered a genomic test to identify which life-limiting or life-threatening diseases she might actually be at risk for. Test results enable early identification so Dr. Edwards can accelerate screening and initiate preventive care where indicated (and delay it where not needed). If Aisha develops a hereditable disease in the future, Dr. Edwards will have the information she needs to begin treatment quickly or match the case to an appropriate clinical trial. (Talk about better outcomes!)

Reduced Cost of Care

Manuel, born three days ago, was admitted to the NICU with frequent seizures. Instead of relying upon trial and error to find an effective medication, Manuel’s pediatrician ordered a genomic test to identify the cause of the disorder and which drug would work best, fastest – leapfrogging over six medications typically prescribed to the seventh, which worked immediately. Manuel (and his family) avoided undue stress, repeated office visits, preventable hospitalizations and expensive therapies over the course of weeks or months. (Talk about winning at value-based care!)

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We enable healthcare organizations to get started with precision medicine anywhere they want – oncology? pediatrics? cardiology? pharmacogenomics?

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